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Use cases for Wellsite digital operations platform

Operations, compliance, and HSE are all areas that benefit greatly from digital operations.

Improving operational performance

Use case #1

Improving operational performance

Wellsite provides a more consistent approach to improving operational performance, enabling operators and service companies to consistently produce the best results while improving overall performance.


Use case #2

Continuity of operations

Operators and service companies are accelerating their use of remote drilling and completion technologies as the coronavirus spurs them to reimagine their operations.

Compliance with data residency laws

Use case #3

Compliance with data residency laws

Wellsite empowers global companies with more control over where their data is stored and helps them comply with local data residency regulations by making sure necessary data stays within the country of origin.

Rapid deployment of new services

Use case #4

Rapid deployment of new services

Wellsite provides many out-of-the-box capabilities, making it easier for companies to quickly deploy new digital services and applications that meet the needs of their customers.

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